I know people say... "it's just hair loss, suck it up!"... but no one, given the choice would want to lose their hair.

The discovery is a stressful experience and for both men and women can be difficult to come to terms with. It can really knock an individual’s self-esteem and confidence.

For me, i’ve had a thinning, balding spot on the crown of my head since I was in my early twenties. It hasn’t spread too far over the years, I’m able to hide it by creative combing and using cover up products... for now.  

Genetics and stress play a big part in the thinning, but more so I think I can attribute it to alopecia. The genetics factor hasn’t kicked in yet for other members of my family like my brother, who still has a full head of hair.

In March 2016 I signed up for a free consultation trial through The Skin Clinic Belfast and am hoping a new form of treatment called mesotherapy can help my problem. The procedure makes claims for hair growth but studies have shown it can help retain what hair you already have. 

Mesotherapy, is the injection of specific hair regeneration vitamins directly into the scalp.

It’s an alternative worth trying out before opting for the more extreme and painful Wayne Rooney transplant or risking the side effects of propecia.


With nothing to lose, I decided to trial this for 12 weeks. 

The result?

After just 3-4 sessions I noticed less hair falling out on my pillow at night and while shampooing in the shower.


My hair is growing a lot faster and it has a thicker appearance. 

Overall, mesotherapy has been a success in helping maintain the hair that I already have.


Since beginning treatment I’ve had no additional fall out, but haven’t experienced much new growth in the areas that are thinning. 

Next up, i'm going to trial a new procedure called platelet-rich plasma (PRP). It has a long history in being used to treat stubborn sports injuries where a sample of your own blood is taken, spun in a centrifuge and injected back into damaged tissue.

In theory, the idea is to stimulate self-healing of dead or dormant follicles, which may encourage new hair regeneration.

I'll update the blog in a few weeks.

Read more about PRP here.


It's Week 12 and i've started my platelet-rich plasma (PRP) journey. Before beginning the treatment I had noticed a notable change in the thickness of my hair.


It looks like there HAS been a late growth phase to the mesotherapy treatment! The hair on top of my scalp is looking much darker and thicker. 

It looks like I could be finally seeing results.

I have two upcoming PRP sessions, i'll report back after Week 20 with the final treatment before/after pics. 


9 months later... overall i'm delighted with the results.

After seeking advice from my G.P, i've decided to take the drug Propecia long term.  

Read more about Propecia here - long term - prescription only and can have side affects.

It's also worth noting that I have been using Mr. Jamie Stevens thickening shampoo and conditioner on a daily basis. Both are available through Boots.

Mesotherapy and PRP from The Skin Clinic, Belfast has helped stabilise the rate of hair loss i'd been experiencing and in some areas of my scalp encouraged new growth. 

Below are the results in my experience of a combination of all four treatment methods. .

BUT the journey doesn't end here! To maintain and build upon what i've achieved i'll be continuing PRP and Propecia treatment for the foreseeable. 

Keep checking back for further updates. 

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